Monday, July 30, 2012

Rose Garden and Thai Cultural Shows in Thailand

Rose Garden
Cultural Shows
Enjoy the unique and unforgettable experience of the world-renowned Thai Village Cultural Show. Daily, over 150 performers vividly portray a fascinating cross-section of Thailand's culture, heritage and way of life -- dances, ceremonies, rituals, sports and pastimes.
Thai Martial Arts
Thai-style boxing is extremely popular in Thailand. Accompanied by its unique ritual and ceremony, it is an art that demands a high degree of skill and fitness.
Thai Wedding Ceremony
 Witness a traditional Thai wedding ceremony performed according to ancient Thai customs. 
The Monkhood
 In Thailand, young men usually spend a period of time in the Buddhist Monkhood. To mark a young novice's entry into the monk-hood, the Buat Naag ritual consisting of a traditional procession followed by the ordination ceremony is performed.
The Fingernail Dance
 The Fingernail Dance is a graceful dance which originated from the North of Thailand. It is usually performed as a gesture of greeting and welcome.
Bamboo Dance
 Another North Thailand dance, which is usually performed during the the full moon. It requires great skill, practice and timing. Even a small slip can be very painful.
Elephants at Work
see how elephants work in teak forests and you will enjoy riding on them