Monday, August 27, 2012

The Sentosa Island, an Iconic Island in Singapore

Sentosa Southernmost Point Asia Continent

10 years ago, Sentosa Island was a holiday destination for many locals in Singapore. My friends in Singapore (those in my age group) would relish and recollect many fond memories they had in this island. I supposed Singaporeans grew up and prospered together with this iconic island in South East Asia.
Sentosa Beach
A quick forward to today: Sentosa Island has developed into a world class resort island. Not many islands in the world can categorically consist and house so many attractions in a single island. Already, million of people have already flocked to this resort island.
Sentosa in Malay means peace and tranquility, has transformed and evolved over the years. The island offers a great numbers of attractions to tourists. You could easily spend days in this island full of fun filled activities.
Activities in the Sentosa Island are meant to please and stimulate your five sensory (Sight, Touch, Smell, Tastes and Hear). The experiences, recreation and entertainment I encountered drained my energy, so much so, I was totally exhausted.
Sentosa Beach
he many beaches in Sentosa – Palawan Beach, Siloso Beach, Tanjong Beach – are pure ecstatic to me. I am a beach lover. Naturally I am excited! I was impressed with the different theme and purpose of different beaches. Each beach has it own characteristics. Just grabbed a book and work on your tan. The sunny island does give you a very good complete tan. Bring your lotion! Of course, the many bikini babes are a pure pleasure to my sensory sight…
Sentosa Underwater World
If you want a touch of the animals in Sentosa Island, drop by the Dolphin Lagoon. You can feed, touch and watch the dolphin in action here. In the world famous Sentosa Underwater World, you will feel lost in the aquatic marine habitat. You can almost touch the huge turtles and sting rays in the shallow pools. The journey through the 83m long underwater travelator was simply mind-blowing…out of this world. Also, The Animal and Bird Encounter, Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom will add another touch to the list of animals display in Sentosa Island.
Sentosa Underwater World
The Fort Siloso tour brought fond memories of the many stories told by my grandfather during world war two. I was able to see life sized wax replica of soldiers in the scene of Japanese surrender. I even explored the old tunnel and having a good feel of the cannon and guns … The Image of Singapore is another wax museum that explains more of the history of Singapore, its culture and traditions. I brought home some souvenirs from the gift shop, perhaps just to prove that I have been there…

Fort Siloso
For a fun cinematic viewing pleasure with an impact, The Sentosa 4D Magix (Southeast Asia’s First 4Dimensional Theater) will provide another level of intrigues and fascination. The sight and sound of the theater, together with the special seats (for you to find out) will shock you! It was truly an interactive experience… The Cineblast provide another entertaining experience, simulation riding inside the cinema. I was seated in a capsule that cost over $150,000 and was transported to another world!
Sentosa 4D Magix
For some very thrilling moment, the Sentosa Luge and Skyride didn’t disappoint me. The self steering, gravity driven cart allowed me to race down a course of about 700m all the way to the Siloso Beach. It was as if I was transformed into a Formula 1 racer albeit this time round, I know I was in safe hand.
There are also other interesting sights in Sentosa Island, but less heart pounding moment. I visited the Tiger Sky Tower, which allowed me to have a panoramic view of the island. I was even able to view parts of Malaysia and Indonesia. I knew then I was standing 110 m above ground level and 131 m above sea level.

Fun and Thrilling Sentosa Luge
From the Imbiah lookout (everything is just a mere 7 minutes apart) to The Flying Trapeze (sport and recreation centre) to the Sijori Wondergolf (a miniature golf park) and to the Nature 101 Walk/Trail and finally to the Giant Merlion (Singapore Icon) I never once felt bored and lethargic. I supposed primarily because my 5 sensory had been working overtime all these moment. I had no time to feel tired and relax…

Tiger Sky Tower
Before you call it a day at this beautiful Sentosa Island, do make it a point to catch the sensational Songs of the Sea before you leave. Your visit to Sentosa will never be complete without watching this boasting majestic pyrotechnics display set in the seas. This is one of the newest showcases, a $30million investment display done at night, with great visual effect, stunning, dramatic and spectacular music performance. I bet you will start to tap your feet as the music play…your jaw will drop as the fireworks light up the sky.

How to get there.
Like the amazing race, you can choose a variety of transportation to reach the shore of Sentosa Island – By cars (taxi), by coach, by Mass Rapid Transit(MRT) or by Cable Car Ride. But the only different here is not about speed, rather, the scenery you can captured going by the choice of transport.
Cable Car
I would certainly recommend taking the Cable Car ride which give you a stunning view of the island; especially the exciting glass-bottom cabin. Unless you are afraid of height, it is also possible you can pop into one of Singapore largest shopping mall – HabourFront Vivo City – and walk to the island. Alternatively just go to the third level of the mall and take a Sentosa Express coach.

Slowing Down a Little with the Giant Merlion
Having enjoyed so much of those hearts pounding moment, we decided to slow down a little. It would be better to let my heart calm down after those adrenaline-pumping ride.
We visited the great Singapore icon: Giant Merlion. The Merlion has a lion head and a mermaid’s body. Standing at 37m tall, the Merlion offer a great scenic view of Sentosa Island and Singapore’s skyline.